Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Map of the New Direction

I am starting to build up some new posts with my new direction for my blog. What I would like to do is share one of my first fantasy site maps. When this was coming together I saw a lot of influence from Dark Sun which is a desert world for those of you who, for some reason, didn't know. The style of these maps are heavily influenced by the work of Dyson over at Dyson's Dodechahedron.
As an explanation of this map it was one of the first maps that I was incorporating some additional textures, that is the small debris markers and items laying around the outside of the area and within the area. this is also an important difference of my other maps leading up to this point which is this location was a completely self contained location. I did not design in any other features such as lower or upper levels than what is shown. I encourage anyone who is wanting to use this map to put their own spin on it not just what I originally envisioned it as. 

As a comparative this would be a little earlier map that I completed. It is easily identified as being drawn on graph paper but I have since went gridless, now this is something that I am planning on changing going down the road. I am currently working on a style that will allow me to take one of my maps, and create a square grid, hex grid and gridless versions to help fit all kind of different games and so they are better images than what was taken with the camera on my cellular phone.

I hope that these maps help you out down the road, I hope that your dungeon delving goes well if you choos to use these maps I will have better versions of these and future maps going forward. I intend to update this blog weekly with new maps and I can tell you that my handy dandy drawing book has 15 already along with my full sized map ready to go since I was playing with that idea.

Thank you for reading